Need some help guys want to set up mail send at a spefic time for competion is the first 10 emails to hit the inbix problem is it would mean getting up at 3am in the morning any ideas?

wake up at 3am :stuck_out_tongue:

got the same thing with the ipod with walkers crisps !!

Stick email software in startup folder and set pc via bios to turn on at just before 3am
Or if using windows use scheduler

if using outlook

set mode to offline and compose emails
disconnect the interweb and set back to online
quit outlook
set a scheduled taks to open outlook at 3am :smiley:


problem its yahoo email

setup yahoo in your outlook then :wink:

ryt i tried setting up a task to open outlook but it never worked. It asked for password but there is no password on comp. Just said it myt not run any help guys?

If you’re using IIS why don’t you create a profile in Outlook and point SMTP to your IIS SMTP service? Then you can send the email through your own machine. You can also use the Outlook option to “Do not deliver before” and set the time you want to send the message.

Did this help you at all?