Empire Universe 2: War Shout

Well, we may be a new Empire in the game, but it would seem we have all been sucked into an unfair war by Tesla67 of The Reborn Empire who has taken a dislike to Mojo and TFWitt.

This is a CALL to ARMS people, come and bring your strength to our TPR Empire and join the battle as you are able, keep your heads down in the meantime and build up under the Noob Protection of 30 days, we MUST NOT allow these CATTISH players to Devour us! RISE UP and hit the LINK



Join The ranks - Your Empire NEEDS YOU!

Errrm, yeah sorry about that.

Actually no I’m not, the fool was loooking for any excuse and being only fifty times bigger than me and Mojo combined declared war, inviting the The Noberr Empire along for the fight.

So anyone joining, once your 30 day new player protection ends, things may get bumpy.
Quickstart resources available and plenty of pointers from existing players to get you going in the right direction.

I like bullies, it’s amusing to beat them up :devil:


oooohh I’ll join, where do I sign … oh hang on, I’m already there

me starts gathering the War Pigeons left over from Ogame :tiphat:


Well, WAR has ceased before it got under way and the credit for such goes to Mojo who managed to forge a NAP with The Reborn through chatting with Tesla.
If he wants to add more about that, he will, if not also fine.

The Empire is at Peace (for now)!

I have ships now.

Can I go and kick their dustbins over again ?