End of an era

Top of the pops to end see the bbc story Here

though I don’t watch it as much as I used to it’s still sad to see another program from my past disappear, not as sad as when Pans People split up :devil: :wink:


It is sad to see it go. I haven’t watched it for about 10 years now, but it’s one of these programmes you thought would never die.

What!!! TOTP to end…never, start a petition, send a letter to your mp…it can’t be.
Come on people…we are paying for the BBC so make your voices heard.

about time, it shows some real rubish, question is, what will they replace it with?

ps: Opera 9’s been released, incase you couldn’t guess :wink:

Would it be OK for this old man to say that it was well past it’s sell by date ?

… but if you’re going to get a petition up to save it, can you also try to bring back “The Old Grey Whistle Test” :deal: :lol:

I would prefer to see The Tube back on Channel 4. At least they used to get good bands on it. Top of the Pops just got stale.

i agree old grey whistle test was awsome, my dad had a large number of them on betamax video. loved it as a kid!