Escape stopped working in Excel...

I have a fully updated install of Office 2013 and often use Excel for various things. I’m used to using keyboard shortcuts, but tonight one wasn’t working. And it was one I use a lot. Escape now no longer let me cancel editing a cell. I sometimes do this after pressing F2 for example, which then highlights cells used in a formula. If I press return, it will save as opposed to escape cancel. I prefer the latter as it doesn’t count as a change, and also prevents unintentional edits.

I was starting to get annoyed at this point and hit Google. Various theories came fourth, including F8 extended selection toggle (nope) and sticky keyboard (nope). Then I came across something that sounds so impossible it couldn’t be true, could it? People have reported this happening if you have Photoshop running. I look at my task bar, and yup, I had it still open from earlier use. Closed it, and Escape worked once again :slight_smile: Does that mean I can blame Adobe instead? I hate them more than I hate Microsoft. I dislike non-standard UI implementations on Windows, although the Office group are usually bad at that too.

I doubt that you can disable it either. Is there a way to dis-associate Adobe from Excel in something like workbook connections?

that’s certainly a weird one. I would presume photoshop is not honouring the in focus application on that bit of coding hence causing the issue, maybe you should raise a bug with Adobe over it :slight_smile: