Euro millions

Anyone else playing?
Ive got my ticket readdy and waiting,

even though its a 1 in 76 million chance of winning :p…

Forgot about it… like premium bonds. Even if chances and prizes are lower there, at least I keep the capital…

Forget it.

I got some premium bonds but I was given them as a child… In 21 years I won £100. And that was this month.

That £100 is in the bank now where it’ll give me a much better return than the premium bonds. I’ll keep what I have in there for the hell of it but otherwise, my money will earn me money…

I work it on the theory that any chance is greater than zero, which is my usual chance of winning the lottery as I don’t buy a ticket. Just got the minimum amount in there. I’m not looking at premium bonds as an investment, they’re a gamble where the “cost” is effectively the devaluation of capital through inflation. But a big win would be nice :slight_smile:

Over the years my Premium bonds have produced a steady income , although I didn’t start winning regularly until I held about £8k - a stake I now always try to maintain , I normally win 4-5 times a year - £200 - £350 with a top year so far of £1200 (two £500 wins +). I take the winnings in bonds - they go in the next draw , without the 3 month wait if you buy normally , at rough guess they bring in a little less than 4% a year. but as it is tax free it’s similar to many savings rates , and there is always a chance of a really big win , every now and again I cash in all the 50 and 100 pound winnings to pay for large purchases , over the years they have paid for my house to be double glazed and also soffit , fascia board and guttering replacement .
If you have ever looked at the winners on teletext you will notice that the vast majority of big winners have holdings of £20k - £30k .

Read up on it the other. 4% is quite good. They reckon you get 3.4% back from bonds.

I assume you max out ISA’s first before binds? Because my ISA is 5.5%. That to me seems like a nice rate. Garunteed. I may use more preimum bonds at a later date, but at my current pay scale etc, just saving it is a much better option. Admittly £1200 is much better than the £440 you’d get from it being in an ISA.