Eve Players


Can someone make this sticky please.

Can people who play Eve stick their account names on this thread so we can contact in game if needbe.



Eve Account: Marahutu



(sent you an invite…)


I haven’t updated my subscription yet,

but me and the mrs both play and our names are,



Kyhm Chanur


main - mogwai
secondary - d’ranged
third - caldac


Guys n Gals.

The Corp I’m in (Dark Materials) are looking for people.

If you are interested please give send me an evemail and I’ll forward it to the correct people.


Eve - Marahutu


Ah, I’m in Gizmo’s corp :wink: You should join us :wink:


hmmm is there any way of trying eve before buying into it ?


Free 14 day demo on their web site.


If you have Steam, you get a 21day free trial rather than 14!!!


So , Whats Eve all about ? and Rateing out of 10 ? And Pick one , Ogame Vs Eve ??


You really can’t compare those two! Eve is an MMORPG, epic in size. Best way to find out is to try it.


Might Try it then…


eve is 10/10 :wink: shame i gave up my character. hey mogs where am i now a days? lol


hate to say it… but a few rl problems are still limiting my logging in atm :sigh:

but, ‘sparks of insanity’ corp is a small but VERY solid little corp with a POS in 0.7 sec with a ‘do as you please’ approach to the game (missions / mining with some rather drunken pirating) :smiley:


CSPA service charge ingame :

this is a charge that CCP sets as an ‘isk’ (ingame currency) ‘sink’ to remove money from the game by charging you to ‘evemail’ other players.

this is easy to remove.

  1. open your evemail tab
  2. r-click the inbox tab and select ‘settings’
  3. reset the ‘cspa charge’ to 0.0 isk
  4. sleep well at night knowing your not going to be war decc’ed over 2,950 isk :smiley:



I found adding them to my friends list worked nicely :stuck_out_tongue:
but then not tried to send EVEMails to non corps members…


… and only missed logging in for about 2 weeks… in umpteen years :help:

From Thursday 29th October, I will be on-line pretty much all day as well as evenings, due to Redundancy.

Drop in and see me sometime, I know some of you still play (looks at Wufei & Kyhm :nod: ).

Character: Twiagon
Channel: Licentia


Bad luck there :frowning:

Can’t believe your still playing ! I have moments when I think i’d like to play again and then I realise that i’ll loose interest again so won’t bother :stuck_out_tongue:


Piggy signing in - eve char - Engineer Roth - Hulk/Orca missions and general carebearing

PS. EVE is awesome :slight_smile: