Ever wondered what those Doctors notes mean?

‘Medical Shorthand’ or ‘Doctors Notes Decoded’

UBI - Unexplained beer injury
CTD - Circling the drain
NFN - Normal for Norfolk
LOBNH - Lights on but nobody home
PAFO - Pissed and fell over
GFPO - Good for parts only
GLM - Good looking mum
TFTB - Too fat to breathe
ATFO - Asked to F*** off
GOK - God only knows
TEETH - Tried everything else, try homeopthy
TLR - Two legged rabbit - refers to a patient who is undergoing experimental or extreme treatment
DBI - Dirtbag Index - number of tattoos mulitplied by the number of missing teeth as an estimate of the total number of days patient has gone without a bath
FLK - Funny looking kid
NQR - Not quite right
TUBE - Totally unnecessary breast examination

ROFL…love the TUBE one :smiley:

:lol: Often wondered :smiley: