Every sperm is sacred...not anymore....



hum…Is God goint to be getting quite irate?:wink:

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what tune? Blasphemous rumours by Depeche Mode? hehe

I’m guessing the “what if god were one of us” ?

Back to topic, the vaticans previous method of containing the HIV/Aids viri was complete abstinence. As todays society evolves and more and more people are challenging rules, I think it is a brave move. I can see a split in the catholic faith now, the younger generation of condom users against the older, “well abstinence worked for me”.

From the between the lines reading and various other sources, the vatican is actually saying that those already WITH hiv/aids who are catholic are allowed to use condoms to prevent the spreading of the disease. So how does this fit into the catholic way of sin ? Those who have hiv/aids by an act of sin were punished by god were they not for the sin of being unfaithfull or the act of sex before marriage.

The vatican sending plenty of mixed messages, the document will make interesting reading to someone like myself. To clarify, I do not consider myself part of any faith, I am not an atheist. I have a profound and view that theologists have great fun with, I believe that human nature gives a need for belief. I believe humans “need” a belief to believe in.

How’s that for a starter for theological discussions :slight_smile:


Let’s hope it’s only the catholic faith:p :wink:



The tune, I am guessing, would be “Every sperm is sacred” from that classic movie “The Meaning Of Life”

Personally I think that it is long overdue and the Catholic position is untenable. Whilst I agree that in principle abstinance is the best policy in such cases, condemning millions to die because their church forbids them protection is not, in my opinion, what Christianity is about.

would i be cynical if i suggested that the catholic church may be scared that it is killing off its financial support among the poor and starving by forbidding the use of protection?

Those who have hiv/aids by an act of sin were punished by god were they not for the sin of being unfaithfull or the act of sex before marriage.

hmm, if the priests that buggered choirboys had hiv i wonder if things would be different?

Thats the one…think i’ll have to dig out the film and watch it tonight.

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“It is a very difficult and delicate subject which warrants prudence.”

What sort of incense are they using. Bit of a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. :chuckle:

the atheist’s nightmare :eek: …

No it’s true and if you don’t belive me check this out Google video - Bananas debunk Natural Selection I know its about 30 minutes long but the true religious and Darwin principle shattering properties of the humble banana are fully explained in about the 3rd minute. You can watch the rest if you want :confused:

Okay… that video was just insulting… listening to the two morons sitting there spewing utter c@rp was a serious strain on my patience. Not to mention the repeated direct insults to everyone who doesn’t believe as they do (i.e. people who can think beyond touch and smell). Loved the banana explaination though. Imagine if the banana’s had the ridges on the wrong side… the world might have come to an end as starving people failed to retain the banana in their hand long enough to eat it…

Love the pink rug


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oh, and I think it would have been better if the 2 people were sitting 500 yards further back :wink:

oh my oh my :lol: that was the best laugh I’ve had so far today :lol:

I got to just after the nana bit before turning off to protect my monitor :newmon: They are fine to believe, that is the choice they have, and preaching is fine - but oh do they hit the limits in my opinion :flip:


The first thing I did was reach into my bag for the banana I brought to work for lunch. Oddly it had only four ridges - thus disproving their theory on the banana (they would probably argue mine was not ‘perfectly formed’ but, on the other hand, mine was a random banana picked from a random bunch from the supermarket whereas theirs could have been especially selected).

And I am a Christian and so have no burning desire to debunk other ‘Christians’.

My reason for posting the link was certainly not to insult or mock Christianity or religion as a whole. I apologise if anyone was offended. :slight_smile:

I was merely showing that sometimes people may have ‘a message’ to preach but lose so much credibilty by the way they present their arguments. This type of presentation will serve neither the individuals involved or the beliefs they hold any favours and will likely end up with those seeing it disimissing them as mindless fanatics with no grip on reality. Not the impression they were hoping for I think

I follow no faith and the more I see of things like this and the RC church now seeming to bend and rephrase their ‘strict doctrines’ to address and gain modern cultural popularity, the less inclined I am to give it any more thought.