Well you all are old and some are smart; so I have my exams starting wednesday with maths. And the following subjects:
French (Hate it)
CDT (Wood work)

Any Tips/ideas for studying? I hate revising, i try for 10 mins they day dream… Im not that smart of a student so the subjects are lowish and i’ve even revised for maths :sigh:, but still so boring… Cant wait to get a job.


Read key facts you need to remember out loud at least twice. It’s amazing how that imprints them in your brain.

Concur completely.
Yet another good method is to Read it, Say it, and Write it.
and if it works for you, create a visual association to the answers.
ie: Italy, Boot
Et cetera, Et cetera

French, I hated it too but I now have the ability to know what the 845$%£$"'s are saying about me and even answer back on occasions.

Non Ablo Francais Monshoer… Just to wind them up.

Take the pressure off by finding out about re-sits and just take them all again if need be, I did and passed everything I needed to at the second attempt.
These exams might seem important right now but they are only stepping stones in the grand scheme of things.

Prompt cards helped me. Get a pack from Staples or a staionary store. They call them either revision cards or address cards.
Jot a few key facts down on each side and use them as flash cards. Worked for me. Just writing it all out again ingrained it into my mind.

Also past exam papers. Very helpful espcially as the same/similiar questions appear about every 5 years.

I had to do 10 minute chuncks as well. Thats fine. Do 10 minutes, get a drink, do 10 more minute etc. I worked my way upto 30 minute chunks at the end of my degree which was just as helpful.

Cheers Guys. Will have a look at some of your idea’s. But today i better get reviseing for maths! :slight_smile:

Remember! don’t wear socks to make it easier to calculate larger numbers:D

how did it go ?

Well still 2 to go. I did try to revise but it wasnt that good. Most exams were hard and some defo failed but at least i tried.

Still geo and physics.

My daughters in the middle of her “A” Levels… Hope her hard work pays off.

I never revised the night before, just relax, enjoy yourself. Theory being “If I don’t know it now I never will”

Worked for me…
but then I gave up revising full stop and that worked too… :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=TankGirl;439354]I never revised the night before, just relax, enjoy yourself. Theory being “If I don’t know it now I never will”

I would agree with that. I do believe you recall facts better on a clear mind.

Its like doing Crosswords or trivia of some sort… You know the answer sometimes but the more you try to remember the more it avoids you… yet sit back relax and say sod it and all of a sudden 10mins later it pops into your head.

Funny thing when I was at school was i did bad at maths… yet my physics exam had more Compex Maths in it than the Maths exam :confused:

At college and part of my I.T. course there was a module called quantitative methods which is mind blowing maths… and one of those classes I skipped now and then and expected to do poorly in… did exceptional in it and came 3rd overall… mainly because I was relaxed and unlike others that left once complete I stayed at my desk for the full allot time and just kept starting over and going through the test from the beginning.

Some of what I had already wrote triggered the old brain cells to remember other bits and bobs that helped complete the bits i struggled with or to revise what I had already done.

School for me was not a good learning environment - alot changed changed for me though once I went to college the teaching style is that much different.

but then I gave up revising full stop and that worked too… :)[/QUOTE]

Thats what im doing full time :stuck_out_tongue: See what its like when i get the results.

They have proven now that if you are trying to learn something difficult, you should have a ‘smell’ that you can recreate when you need to recall that information (Now dont be dirty) so if something you are struggling with whilst revising, spray some aftershave or something whilst learning it. Then when in the exam sniff yourself to help you remember :slight_smile:

(Tho saying that, i didn’t do well at all at school :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had to relearn a lot stuff for various reasons. The mind is a beut thing - you’d be surprised what it can throw at you with the right prompt, particularly if it’s embarrassing.

I’d suggest you associate facts with “oh, heck, I did what last night?” moments, but you’d come out of exams gibbering :slight_smile:

I have to read a lot of academic papers - and go onto the next before I’ve finished the one before, and then sometimes three papers back or more. And back again. I remind myself by ‘quick notes’ in a written notepad, and often do a mental ‘trip’ - compose a little story in my head matching main facts - the sillier the story, and the funnier…

But, back when it was more difficult - flash cards, read out loud :slight_smile:

Relax is the thing. What you can demonstrate as ability will pay the bills imho. Crazy idea that, isn’t it?

But… I had so so many places to go with this! Fine… :sigh:
Spoil my fun.

No-one has ever been able to make you behave in the past hun, why start now? :wink:

Just remember that if the worst happens and you do happen to fail life isnt over there are many ways to further yourself and get wherever you want…

I didnt pass anything… but now work in a school :slight_smile: (by anything I ment I passed welsh and science…)

[QUOTE=Vortex;439603]But… I had so so many places to go with this! Fine… :sigh:
Spoil my fun.[/QUOTE]

Never one to disappoint, please be dirty :tiphat:

I have to do the same and I do the same. Then type the notes up into a document. Sumarise the papers as well, very helpful.

Key points and facts are the key.