EXCEL Multi lookup / search needed

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Probably an easy one but im only an amateur on excel, I have a program that runs great and this is the box in question, =VLOOKUP($B$10,Dealers!$A$1:$D$904,3,FALSE) if this result of this search is a N/A how can i ask it to goto G17 which has this code =VLOOKUP($C$10,Post!$A$1:$I$209,9,FALSE) instead and read off the result and display it in the same answer box E10 ?

Thank You in advance everyone. :confused:

I’m guessing you need an ISERROR, which returns a TRUE on any error. Something like this:

=IF(ISERROR(G2),G17,G2) in cell E10 (G2 is the cell with your first VLOOKUP formula)

Let me know if this is the sort of thing you want. The Balrog and some of the other guys are better than me on Excel (I’m still learning too)

If i’m reading it right… then it needs wrapping within the if statement
so if formula = false then do next formula or return value/message

i.e. if(vlookup(blah blah) = ? , vlookup 2nd range , else return what ever)

That way its contained to that same cell.

Thank You for the responses, i still can’t quite get it sussed, i have quoted a link for the program if any1 would care to give it a quick peek its only small :-


(No malware assured) Basically B10 is the input box for say dealer GBN569, this will work fine, but if i enter a 2 digit post code as listed in any row from the ‘post’ table it does not display the initials(post row ‘o’) in G17 and the name and numbers in E&F10 .
Also if any1 knows how to jazz it up a bit that would be good too! I been on this thing for ages now :o

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The basic problem was the Post Worksheet. The VLOOKUP had too much info to work with. What it needed was two columns, the A column containing the postcode letters and the B column with CCSM initials. I’ve changed that and modified cells E10 and F10 with ISERROR statements nested in the IF statements, so it checks for an error in cell B17 (which will happen if only the two letter code is put in cell B10) and then pulls the detail through from the VLOOKUP in cell G17

[modified worksheet](http://www.andy-young.freeserve.co.uk/CSMToSend Out3-3.xls)

Let me know if this is correct

Exactly right Droid, i suspect i was asking a bit much of a Vlook up on post table, I could not work out the double search formula’s which you have done perfectly!

Many thanks,

(p.s where do you recommend the best place to advance on excel skills?)

A place I use is Excel Tip and I have also used Contextures as well. Also the best way is to find a need someone has and then try and find a solution to it. The search is half the fun of the creation. It’s amazing what you find when you’re not looking for it.

Have fun!!