Not quite sure where best to place this so I’m placing it here as it might end up
as a coding solution in a bit of VBA script.

Doing something in Excel and I have to admit I’m more of a Lotus 123 peep.

Anyway I’m sort of after a solution to my need’s… in essance I was looking
for some form of a calculation loop but cannot find anything that kind of acts
that way.

Basically I have like an onhand Stock Figure and in addition a safety stock figure.

Now to add to that I have consumption and batch sizes for a pallet of stock and other odds and sods factured in.

I was wanting a loop as such to increment the amount of pallets needed
facturing in everything to basically increment upwards until a condition is true.

So I wanted something sim to coding a while loop
i.e. while x < y make cell z = z + 1 until x > y

If you programming geeks get me drift :confused: :wink:

So Question is any excel bod’s here that can point me down the right route
to my best way.

i could be over complicating it and there maybe a far easier route but a loop
is how I kind of have it pictured in me head.


Why a loop at all? z=z+ceiling(y/x,1) or are there more variables than you mentioned? Then some sort of nested IF function might work…

I think i’m there :confused:

Kind of have a shortfall figure generated… add that to expected consumption for the next
week gives me a figure required…

Might get through this with no loop… Though it be a darn sight easier If I had one :lol: