Exit Wounds

Does anyone remember this movie with Steven Seagal and DMX? I’ve got a bet going with a mate over what car it was that DMX bought in the movie, a silver Lambo or a silver Ferrari.

Does anyone know and if so are the any pics?


Teehee, its a bit blurry though :chuckle:


So it’s a ferrari then?

me ends up with permanent squint :eek:

… dunno :confused:

Sweet, thanks guys. Just won $250. Oh the crazy bets you take under the affluence on incohol;)

Sorry fellas but i think you’ll find it’s not a ferrari it’s a Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster and it’s not silver it’s Titanium Metallic…

… quick Dude, cash the cheque :smiley:

:lol: Oops!

scottishbird says its a lambo diablo because its the same car that was in pretty woman just a diffrent colour :smiley:

the car in Pretty Woman was a Lotus…

I think we may have a film buff in our midsts :slight_smile: