Extracting email addresses

Does anyone know of a simple tool to select email addresses from an OU in AD even though it has sub OU’s?

I need it for our HR department to keep track of what email addresses are being used in the org.

Basically they need to be able to choose the “Departments” OU and then extract all email addy’s with names out of the OU’s under that OU.

What sort of output are you after? just to be able to view?
if so you can creat a custom search, in AD users and computers, save it as a new mmc and just give access to tah, it’s dynamic too so will allways be up to date
else it’s going to be a scripty type thing,
can you tell I’ve just done the 2003 Ex course?

given a little info I may be able to come up with a scripty type thing for you if your intrested.

Thanks Dammo but I got sorted.

2 apps that make it very simple are Hyena and Dameware NT Utilities.

I was only looking for display name and email addy.

ah see the joys, If I want to be able to do anything I have to look for the inbuilt solution, we jant run most software on our network… oh well