[F@H] Congrats DT...

On passing 600k points.

Top folding DT :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Congrats DT awsome crunching :slight_smile:

Well done DT :thumbsup:

:cheers: :smiley:

Many thanks for the congrats, another 100K bites the dust :driving:

I’ve got a real nice job tomorrow that may make the next 100K fly a little quicker. Site1 of a client install time :smiley: Can I convince them to let me borg the machines :devil:


with your powers of persuasion of corse you can.

Bravo my friend. Heres to another 600K

oh great, been up early prepping for the install and it gets cancelled :frowning:


Well done on the 600k DT

Bad luck but great crunching anyway :cool: :thumbsup:

conga-rats :smiley:

Years before I reach 600K great going

In years, you will have either given up, or got a farm…

Congrats Dt! :slight_smile:

Nice one DT:thumbsup:

Keep it up:nod: