F1 shambles


So now after cheating, they get an amount of compensation for it!!



Just add it to the long list of people with ‘celebrity’ status that seem to be able to defy the normal meaning of Justice … and get paid for doing so :sigh:

oh well, I guess I’ll just carry on drinking myself into a state of oblivion, the alternative is to go ballistic with a long post about apocalypse 2010 :lol:

It would be nice if these things were reported properly :wink:

Flav hasn’t been acquitted as such - the court has ruled that he was tried (and convicted) as an FIA rights/contract holder, but since he isn’t a rights/contract holder the punishment is not valid. Also, at €20k the compensation is nowhere near the €1M he tried for.

Expect the FIA to find another way of punishing them - Jean Todt is particularly keen on not allowing incidents like this to go unpunished.