FAH, D2OL & Classic in new Virtual Teams

The necessaries are now pretty much in place to include FAH, D2OL and Classic in the unified VT stats. Before I implement, I need a multiplier to convert FAH to cobblestones and confirmation that a D2OL WU = 2.04cs

Please post here if

  1. You are already in a VT (the new teams not the old classic VTs) but have a different username in any of the above projects.

  2. You want to be added to a VT.

D2OL got to be worth at least 27.5 cobbles :deal: :wink:

Not sure if I am in by short name or the full MAOJC(Medium Array of Junk Computers)

Well please check and let me know.

[edit] Oh and you’re not in a VT either [/edit]

In D2OL I am in by short name, in the old one I am not sure, but it is probably long name.

OK, as its you, I took the trouble to find out for you :wink: but I haven’t got time/cba to do this for all members.

Do you want to join a VT ?

Team USA of course and Team Overseas.

Sorry only one VT per person and there’s no VT Overseas in the new lists so I’ve put you in USA

Can you re-list (or point me in the right direction) as to the full list of VT’s to choose from?


The latest is on page 2 here m8

Balrog, can you add MAx2001 (thats my D²OL account) to Flying Banana?

excellent work The Balrog :hail: :clap:


Done :slight_smile:

Got it, thanks. Right now I’m doing only SETI Classic on all 10 machines (1 home, 9 work) and will continue with SETI Classic only until it goes.

Should I join a VT now or wait until I sign onto one of the other projects?

Thanks again,

#net for my efforts if you please my good man :wink:


:eek: ONLY 10 :smiley: Top Job :thumbsup:

All units crunched irrespective of project count, so might as well join now imo and give your chosen team a boost.

OK Ian the following added to #net. Any I missed ?

Ian_D (D20L)
Ian_D_(Lister) (FAH)
Ian_D_(Rimmer) (FAH)
Ian_D_(Cat) (FAH)
Ian_D_(Kryten) (FAH)
Ian_D_(Holly) (FAH)

Are these separate machines by any chance. If so could do with their specs. Useful for analysing crunching time per point to refine the FAH point to TPR points conversion ratio.

My 10 consist of my home PC, my 2 work PCs and 7 print servers that I secretly added internet access on. Heh heh.

Alrighty then, I suppose you could add me to Team USA when you have a moment then.

With that, what do I need to do next?

Thanks once more,

Ian_D (FAH)

I’ll PM you the specs tomorrow m8


can i join team bannana(sp) for d2ol username is same !! thnx !!

All above added.