Fantasy Premier League now ready for action


ok i am in

Real Sunderland

Okay, league is called “League of Gentlemen” and code is “riddlermarc@opl_104106”… go get 'em :slight_smile:

I’ll be joining in later.

finaly jioned
if this website was any slower at time it would stop!:mad:

Come on you slackers, where’s Dale when you want some serious competition - are you chicken m8?! :wink:

Just joined :vader: 's team by mistake thought i better get out of there quick as my team is TPR lions and could of got BANNED :smiley: :rolleyes:

Bumpage, only a few days to go guys… come on Dale, where’s your team? :Poke:

I think Dale is trying to work out how to get the cash supplied for building his team transfered into a Swiss bank account :smiley: