FAO KefKef and other Cider drinkers...

You ever looked at the Weston’s website?

They sell crates of the stuff.:trophy:

Espcially the Stowford Press. Mojo’s was the only place I’d found it. I mean Tesco and Asda sell the Stron Organic (IMHO the best cider ever) but I’ve never found the Stowfords…

I may have to buy some next loan installment:D

Stowford Press very nice drink spent all weekend on it at the last mojo’s … get me a can/bottle please :wink: :slight_smile:


I was only there for Saturday night and I drank a fair amount :eek:

I think KefKef mentioned it on the way back…how he’d always seen me getting up for an new glass:Plot:

personally I blame Damski and PMM (he got me started when I bought him a pint of Stowford for doing a volt mod) … it’s all there fault I had a hangover :wink:


Mmmmmm Stowford nice when icy cool :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, very tempting! Been drinking St Helier pear cider for the last few weeks, nice change, kinda tastes like cider with pear drops melted into it, think it will be a winner in the summer when it’s ice cold on a sunny day.

I recommend Fruli. Strawberry beer :smiley: Fnatstic stuff but amazingly expensive!

Trade price was £40 for 24x330ml bottles… Makes you wonder how much the resturaunt was selling them for…