The cat that would crap in the house every time I went on holiday
The cat that would wake me at 5:30 am when I should be having a lie in.
The cat that would shed its fur into all my PC’s

Farewell Gizmo

Give him a nice spot in the sun near the pool m8.

Bye gizmo :wave:

:frowning: Farell pussy cat gizmo :wave:

Bye bye Gizmo, you may be joined by a certain ‘Jess’ who’s clawing the leather sofa as I type:mad:


No offence meant. Sorry.

Sorry to hear to Mr TFW :frowning:

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[B]Morphine, morphine and more morphine.

Or just a bathtub, a running tap and a plug. Whichever is your preference m8 :smiley: [/B]
/slaps Ciccio :mad: :wink:

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/slaps Ciccio

/Ciccio runs back for more!

Farewell Gizmo, At least I still have my 4 cats and I love
everyone of them and would break my heart to loose one.

Happy trails Gizmo.

I get it now. I was wondering what Gizmo had to do with this.

Your cat named Gizmo passed away. :frowning: Sorry to hear that mate.

Sorry to hear about gizmo mate :frowning: I’d be lost without my pets around me

I am sorry to hear that. although I have never been a cat lover, I sympathize with you. I myself lost my Boxer “Saxxon” this past winter and it was not easy, he was with me 15 years.

here is a pick of him wanting a snack.

Lossing a pet is Very Hard, and some people don’t
understand that.
They are a loyal member of the family.

I feel for you Jim, looked a lovely dog to.

Lets pray:)