Fat hamster

Well jacks hamster died and we got him another and it is the fattest hamster you have ever seen

Now to tell you the scale its in a baby bath

Looks like it will serve a family of four :smiley:

Its a bubble bath;)

Hehe - Little sweetie

don’t mess with the hamster!

Now all you need is a french loaf, some pickles and a jar of mustard:nod:

:eek: not bubbles you cant eat her even tho she is vicious so is too cuite to eat it wouldnt agree with your stomoch :stuck_out_tongue:

Does he know, or was it a quick-switch job with a similar one.

I think he did notice and it was said that “it grew up”…and dyed it’s hair :wink:

not a bad meal on that SB, in a seeded bap with dills and some mustard mmmmmmmmmmm :wink:

Well he had a chinese dwarf hamster b4 so we told him it grew up and changed colour seeing as he is only 5 he fell for it lol i didnt have the heart to tell him it died and that was the only type we could get at short notice

and there would be no point eating the poor thing it would have you for lunch b4 you even got a chance to have it for lunch lol

Best thing about a hamster was giving it a whole squire of kitchen towel and watching it pouch the whole thing :lol:

you should see them with marzipan, ours scoffed so much when it escaped out of its Rotastack that it got stuck in the pipe. silly sod.

Aww I love hamsters :smiley:

Andy wants to get the cage with all the pipes attached for it the bloomin thing will get stuck i will need to buy one that fits a rat i think not a hamster lol

Seeing as its only 10 weeks old and that size god knows what size this thing will grow to so look out in the news for giant hamster eats a family of 4 :stuck_out_tongue: