Favourite free smartphone apps

Thought i would start a new thread for these, i am sure there will be many as folks get smartphones.

Two for Android from me, Remotedroid is a wireless (as in IP not Bluetooth) keyboard and mouse for a PC or laptop using your handset. Requires download of a java app to your machine which can be run at startup. Works fine here, typing this on the TV and media center.

FXCamera uses the phone camera and applies fun effects like fisheye live as the picture is taken. Lots of photo packages do this but its nice to be able to compose and take the picture with the effect on, like an SLR does. By no means a must have application, but great fun anyway. Three pics of my dirty dinner plate with Warhol, fisheye and symmetric distortions applied attached.


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I been looking at the Android phones, they really are way too cool!

I’m sure he will let you have a go on it, with a bit of sweet talk… :wink:

Shazam -you know that moment when you hear a tune and it annoys the hell out of you trying to remember who it is. Or maybe you heard it in a movie or tv show and want to buy it?

Fire up shazam it will listen to the music and attempt to match it to an online toons database. Not foolproof but trials so far show it to be impressive. Well worth a download.

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Cool once tagged each song is saved and you can search youtube and amazon mp3 for them. Great fun

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World’s Smallest Violin - you can guess what this one does, very simple. used in conversation at the right time hysterical :smiley:

Astro file manager has an SMB and SFTP module now, separate download from the market (Astro SMB module). Browse shares on your network via wireless, cut/paste files etc.

I have found that when copying files from a windows share to the phone it messes with the file names, can you confirm from a samba share?

Though it is a very nice app, I’ve had it for a while.

No issues here can you be more specific?

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I copied a folder containing a handful of mp3s from a windows share to the phone. When I checked on the phone the file names looked like they had been chopped up and they had %20 where the spaces should have been.

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tried a variety of files and types with spaces, special characters etc in the names and no issues, maybe related to Win7?

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Vuvuzela Horn - free, and for added annoyance it vibrates and flashes the LED for your camera. Most annoying, will become bin-bait soon after the world cup :slight_smile:

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I think my Dell Streak had the same issue. I’ll double check later but I think that when I transferred some MP3’s off my phone, it missed the first letters of the files (it looked like it in the transfer window) but I’ll check the actual files in a bit.

Yeah it cut off the first letter of the files.