Fedora 13 first look

Been waiting for this one, so have installed it onto my main Linux desktop (which was previously running 12) now I’ve finished work. I used the “preupgrade” path which was painless and efficient.

I chose to upgrade the existing system rather than fresh install, all my apps and settings were retained, even BOINC fired up automatically.

First impressions are it’s polished, very nice. New icon library, new graphics drivers, all very good. App set is very much as it was in 12 (as you would expect) with new versions as appropriate.

A review of new features (KDE version) can be found at Brizoma. Screen shots are in my Picasa albums. Small review poking Ubuntu in the eye on The Register

Installed hardware is am AMD X2 5200+, 1GB RAM. ASUS Pundit all in one with ATI graphics. And it flies :slight_smile:

Six mojos out of five :trophy:

Now installed on the laptop as well (fresh install over the top of windows), no issues, all the “difficult” stuff like wireless and bluetooth worked without further intervention. This release is even better than I had hoped :slight_smile:

makes a compelling case for giving it a try.

I must admit to stopping at FC11 simply because it did everything I needed it to.

Last time = yonks ago - I had serious problems with various driversissues. All my gear now has nVidia mobile GPU’s which did pose problems… does this version get around this sort of problem? I ask, because I’m sick & tired of M$ continually nagging on about updates issues for all and sundry. So how does Fedora/Linux equate in this arena?

Fedora 13 now has open source drivers for ATI and nVidia cards, best thing to do is try one of the “Live CD” downloads and boot it on your laptop, without overwriting anything else. it will be slow, as it is running purely in memory, but it will give you an indication of hardware support. Above that, Google is your friend…