Fedora Core 1 for AMD64 test1 Available

Not sure if interest or not to anyone?

Warren Togami sends word of this new release for teh AMD64 platform. IF ya want an alternative to Windows, here ya go
A test release of Fedora Core 1 for AMD64 is now <[b][u]available[/b][/u]> from Red Hat and at distinguished mirror sites near you, and is also available in the torrent. Like the original x86 architecture release, the AMD64 architecture has three binary ISO images and three source ISO images. This is a single (we hope and intend) test release specifically to check hardware support; the package set is the same versions as an updated Fedora Core 1 for x86 system will have. Please file bugs via Bugzilla, Product Fedora Core, Version test1, Architecture x86_64 so that they are noticed and appropriately classified. Hardware support bugs should generally be filed against the kernel component, unless they are specifically about kudzu or anaconda. Discuss this test release on fedora-test-list.