Fedora Core 4 available

Looks like FC4 went gold on Monday , going to try a DVD iso this time , Torrent here I come .

Likewise :slight_smile:


Let me know how it goes. I am in the process of tearing down the office and so am looking at a dual socket dual core opteron. Can you check the support for such a beastie for me? Will it support 4 cpus?

of CPU support is there with most ditributions AFAIK. I know people have run dual HT setups with Fedora so dual dual-core shouldn’t be an issue - chipset support is already there.

Will post a mini-review once I have it down and loaded - next week sometime.

I am intermittently running 64bit FC3 on my Dual HT Nacoma setup so should be no problems.

Just finished upgrading my Shuttle from FC3 to FC4 , no problems what so ever . things have moved around a bit and it seems a bit snappier , like a fresh windoze install after a years use . I can’t really judge properly as I don’t use the machine that often .

Worth a look!

Where else can you go and get over 700 bundled programs for free!

Mini-review is up in the Jedi Training Ground