Can anyone give me some feedback on my blog?

Easy enough to read etc?

Still undecided on that theme…Seems a bit thin, especially as I’m using a widescreen :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the theme it is a bit on the thin side and im using normal screen… but is nice :slight_smile:

1280/1024 looks OK for me!

Think I’ll stick with that one as there doesn’t seem to be any other styles that I seem to like as much.

And looking at it, it seems ok. Maybe it’ll look better as I add to it.

Down to personal taste really , colour is a bit cold for my taste , dark maroon instead of blue perhaps ??

Can’t connect get a sever was reset error message


P.S. This made me go and check mine out again, not done anything with in a year or so here it is :slight_smile:

Still messing with it. Either the blue or red is the way I feel.

Curly: Server was reset? Can you ping it fine?

Maybe it’s performance will suffer when I’m using the web. 4 chaps, all using wireless (and the server is connect to a access point being used by itself and 2 other machines) so I assume the performance will take a hit :frowning:

Still no go for me


I can get on ok, theme seems ok… only negative thing I can think of is when you follow the link to “about me” the theme isn’t maintained

I’m getting connection timed out :shrug:

Yeah thats what I set out before I got the blog and takes you to the route of my site. I need to go into the templates and see if I cant get a copy of the template and use it for the rest of my site. Will need some butchering of the template code I feel.

As for timeouts, does that happen even if you ping it?

Got there now :slight_smile:

I’d echo the bit thin in width… it looks that way on my work screen 1280 x 1024
so hate to think what it will look like on my home rig running at 1920 x 1200 or greater.

Should be a simple fix to widen it a fraction.

Yeah…got there :)…the link text is a bit hard to read, “home” “about me”…etc



Figured out some of the timeouts…Might have been caused by a lose network cable. Just checked it and it should be sorted now.

Figured out some of the timeouts…Might have been caused by a lose network cable. Just checked it and it should be sorted now.[/QUOTE]thats better :slight_smile:


if you have a tinker in your CSS and change the sections called… wrapper / wrap / content you should be able to do the width adjustments :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Looks far better now :wink:

Just a little heads up though… pretty sure this is a explorer issue as it was perfect on my home machine under firefox.

Works machine using explorer ver 5… calander is places right at the bottom of the page below the blog


Must be an old IE problem as in IE7 it displays fine :shrug:
Not got IE6 to try it on either.