Feeling a bit low today

When you throw a party and you invite a friend who subsequently doesn’t turn up and doesn’t even phone to say they will not be coming after all you tend to put them on your grumpy old gits list for a while.

So it comes as something of a shock to find out he has been in hospital for 10 days and the better one of his two options is a triple by-pass.

He is also called Bob


sorry to hear that mate. hope ya friends is fixed by the hospital and that everything works out for the best…

in the mean time to cheer yaself up why not go n blow something up…

Words are a bit trite in situations like this - but believe me when I say you and your friend are in our thoughts and prayers.

Blimey :frowning:

Get down the hospital and arrange it again then :slight_smile:

Hope things go well for your friend Ian :frowning:

best wishes to Bob - take him some piccies of Tigger :smiley:


Had a good chat with him today.
A bit pale and very tired but still himself.

He’s had a vast array of tests the last of which involved a mini-dynorod through the femoral artery and a view of the surgeons handiwork on live tv.
For those not versed in the locations of various arteries this is in ones groin and an anti-clotting agent is injected.
A risk afterwards is severe blood loss due to an open artery and no clotting ability, so to prevent this a very attractive nurse has to press into the groin for about 20 minutes until the risk has lessened.

This cant be good for a chap with an already dodgey ticker!
Must ask him if its private health care only for this option.

LOL Hope he fully recovers soon.