@fenix25 + Latest farm pics

Finally got round to taking latest pics.


Very nice DT. Most impressive.

If thats the roof Its no wonder you are overheating! Can you move it elsewhere?

In a small 2+1 terrace, so not moveable in house, that is why they are where they are :frowning: I so want a garage :devil: A couple of wind turbines to power the cooling fans for the garage would do nicely with a big old water cooling loop. When I win the lottery that is, but then I’d just buy rack space in datacentres with the smallest possible bandwidth package :sneaky:



Thats too bad. Not a lot you can do then I suppose. I looked up the weather in Reading, Berkshire UK just now and you are warmer than us. Its getting cooler here this week so I may put my overclocks back in place for a bit.

Have you considered a homemade liquid cooling system?

Tried a watercooling setup up there with some beasty homemade stuff from Sgt Bilko worked a treat on the cooling side, noise level from the pump and vibrations were too much though. I have to be aware that there my two boys literally sleep under the farm, too much noise and vibration = “Daddy, I can’t sleep” at 4am.

I think at the moment it is fair to say, I’m at the max I can for Folding in my environment.


fair enough… nice farm anyways!