Finally invested in some new kit :)

Considering my dual core CPU and other gubbins was at least 5 years old, it’s just become too slow to even cope with Office 2010 Excel hanging whilst it checks itself :realmad:.

So out with the old and in with the new.

AMD FX8320 AM3+ 8-core 3.5ghz 16mb cache
Gigabyte 970 A-DS3P AM3+ full ATX mobo
2x4gb HyperX DDR3 1833mhz RAM
Gigabyte GEForce GTX650 GPU with 4gb GDDR5 memory and a 100mm silent fan to cool it down
Coolermaster G550M semi-modular PSU 550W

All fitted snugly in my old ATX case that is at least 10 years old, but still works fine with the new kit. The only downside is the stock CPU cooler. It’s just too small and has to work hard to keep everything cool and is therefore a bit too loud. Next pay day will bring me something like a new Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro or similar. The case has the height to accommodate it, so that’s coming. Runs Elite: Dangerous on high settings with no trouble at all, so well pleased with it.

If you can fit one in your case i would recommend a Coolermaster Hyper 212, great cooler and will handle that CPU better tha the Freezer 7 Pro.

As for old cases… just revamped a PC for a mate at work, he had an old AMD XP2000… It got souped up to a Phenom II X2 560 (unlocked to quad) with a Gigabyte MA78LMT-US2H in a old “Time Computers” beige tower case… :smiley:

Cheers Fiend. I did look at that one as well and I think it might just about fit as the case it quite deep. Need to take proper measurements just to confirm, but it looks like a great option. The only other concern was the new HyperX RAM as they are not low profile, but are not too tall in themselves, so should just about fit under the cooler.

I’ve still got 2 ColorsIt cases that I’ve acquired in the past (not the best quality but functional), so the old dual core will go in that as the Asrock mobo is fairly new and the rest of the kit is in pretty good nick, so I’ll probably build a spare as a backup or for sale if necessary.

If you use DIMM sockets 1 and 2 the ram should fit without interfering with the tower coolers

Took a stroll around my local toy shop, sorry, Maplins :smiley: and I saw that they had the Coolermaster Hyper 212, so thought what the hell. Was a bit of a game getting it fitted. Took out the mobo, fitted the back plate and stand-offs, all OK. Fitting the cooler to the stand-offs was a right old game, but I got there in the end.

Even though they have cut-outs in the fins I had to play with the screws in their slots to even get the threads started. Took a time and I’m still not 100% happy with the way it sits on the processor, but it’s all working OK and is silent. Haven’t checked the temps, but it seems OK from a physical check and I gave it a good work out, running Elite: Dangerous and BOINC all at the same time with no issues. Thanks for the heads-up Fiend. A great buy and that completes my upgrade for this year now. :slight_smile:

Well my Hyper 212 is cooling an AMD A10-6800K and it runs at 48 DegC 100% load on BOINC

Checked the temps and at idle its running at 37C and under load running Elite: Dangerous at full pelt it’s 57C which is way better than the stock cooler which was around 69C and blimmin’ noisy, so I’m OK with it. It’s mostly the fact that it’s so quiet that appeals to me. Great cooler and as it’s compatible with both Intel and AMD processors, it’s swappable to other systems as well if necessary.

Bit of a downer happened last night in that the system wouldn’t POST and got stuck in a reboot loop :frowning: . Tried all the usual means of getting it going again and in the end gave in. Seems like it is a corrupted BIOS in the mobo and others on the NET have suffered with the same problem. Spoke with the tech team at Ebuyer and have arranged to send the mobo back. They think it may be just a BIOS flash to a later version that’s needed and they have agreed to collect the mobo for FREE! Nice gesture on their part and a main reason why I tend to get most of my parts from them where I can.

In the meantime I’ve stuck my old dual-core CPU, RAM and mobo back in the case but with the new Gigabyte GPU and its working very well, so a great bonus. Might stick with this in the short term as I can play Elite: Dangerous on full-on graphics as is. The only downside is I was getting good crunching numbers with the 8 core CPU, so I know I will have to put in back in when the mobo issue is resolved. Good to know that the GPU has resolved many issues on its own though. :slight_smile:

A good trick for the future (realise bit late now).

Gained this off Markone at one of our TPR lan events when resetting the bios did not work.

Take out the battery / do the normal jumper change to reset… but additionally get a paper clip or some scissors and for 10-15 seconds short the terminals on the battery slot

Senerio’s seem to exist where not all the power is released and a full clear does not take place.

Worked a treat at mojo’s and one instance many years later where clearing bios did not work.

Tried the basic reset, but I’ll remember this for the future. many thanks Paul :thumbsup:

/edit Just got an e-mail back from Ebuyer that the mobo was faulty and they could not fix it anyway, so replacement is on its way to me :slight_smile:

I once had a Gigabyte board go faulty, but instead of dealing with the vendor (Aria) I contacted Gigabyte UK directly and received a replacement motherboard within 48 hours of sending it off.