Fire Safety

I said 15 SECONDS!
not 15 minutes…:rolleyes:

Drink and keyboard warning for those that haven’t already :stuck_out_tongue:

you forgot the coffee and drinks warning you git :lol:


Hee hee now that looks like a great foam party now that looked fun :stuck_out_tongue:

thank god they guys were wearing black and not white :wink:

Really wished I had not looked at that at work

Everyones wondering why I laughing like a loony :hehehmm:

Thank you, I have not laughed so much in a long while, that’s blooming amazing.


LMAO. That’s really funny but …

a serious safety issue there with the guy trapped up on the scaffolding. :frowning:

i sure hope someone played the startrek ‘Damger’ music in the background