Firefox not picking up page tags?

Has anyone seen this? When I create the BOINC stats league table web page I put in <a name="Div1>, etc tags at the top of each division and then the corresponding web page link “” where the #div1 points to the section of the web page that it goes to. It works OK in IE, but not in Firefox. Am I missing something?


Don’t see a “corresponding web page link”?
Used it ‘by hand’ in the location bar and it worked with my Firefox.
CORRECTION: It worked for “premier” but not for the divisions. :confused:

Ahem … where did you close the a tags?
“Links and anchors defined by the A element must not be nested; an A element must not contain any other A elements.”

Why not use

<div id="Div1">

for example instead of <a name …

“Destination anchors in HTML documents may be specified either by the A element (naming it with the name attribute), or by any other element (naming with the id attribute).”

Don’t think it would just be Firefox. That whole page is a mess:

The <a> tag isn’t allowed in a <tr> tag for a start. After that, the page that Excel generated is such a mess of tag-soup, that I’m suprised that anything is rendered at all!!

Learning by doing, step for step. :wink:

First close the <a …> tag, than position it before the <table …> tag.
Better replace it with the id attribute which is easier to use.
(ID is a generic attribute and it’s value is a “document-wide unique id” - HTML 4.01 DTD)
Than set the values of the color attribute in “…” or use one of the 16 color names known by most browsers.

After that run the ducoment through the validator again and fix the few errors that are left.

I left the generation to the Excel save as web page function (cause I’m lazy :smiley: ), so I’ll have to redo it manually I guess. Thanks for your help guys :thumbsup: