Moving on from Mulda’s thread I realised I don’t have a firewall. Do I really need one on linux?

How do I go about setting one up and running one? The one I’ve seen the most on for Ubuntu is Firestarter.

Main question is, do I still need one?

my thoughts are that if you need to ask that question you probably need a firewall

I don’t know about Ubuntu but both FC6 and Suse 10.x have built in configurable firewalls …
A little Googling reveals this so make your own mind up , seems that there is a native firewall - iptables - but no configuration gui hence the need for firestarter et all .

To be honest I feel I don’t need one as the router does a good enough job and using the various online port scanners I’ve come up purely invisble so at a guess, I say I didn’t have to nope.