First LAN of 2020

Here you go peeps, plenty of notice :grin:

Nice !

Travelodge booked :slight_smile:


Premier Inn worked out cheaper than Travelodge for 2 rooms so if anyone is booking hotel you may want to do a comparison. Both are Cirencester.




Birthday weekend…
Might be able to drop in for a bit on the Friday evening but many variables are involved.

Well with good planning, and 7 weeks to go, you should be able to minimise the variables.
I may even buy you a pint…


Premier inn Gloucester (Little Witcombe), is that one you go to instead of travelodge? Seems close, 6miles.

Cirencester one Peige

Ah, fully booked now, hence not showing on the list.

Travelodge isn’t far from it if you choose to stay there instead

Gloucester Premiere inn is same distance, and it less than 10 minutes away.
Both are easy…


I’ve already got the travelodge but the premier inn was £25 a night less hence I was looking at changing to it, Gloucester is still free but don’t want to knock my chances of getting a lift :wink:

Gloucester premiere in is on my way home… minor detour


3 weeks to go until first LAN of the year! So who is coming? :thinking:


working on it, plugged in the Rift last night to try the new songs

Haven’t tried them yet. Was so overjoyed at finally getting my mods working again that I worked through some of my favs :joy:

I am so out of practise :roll_eyes:

so it’s not just me then - these new songs are longer which really starts to hurt!

At first I thought I was out of practice so went back to 1st gen songs and nailed them.

I’ve even gone down to playing these new ones on Hard to get through them!

So I’ll be on normal then :joy: Will give them a go tonight :+1: