first thoughts on android

I’ve had my phone a wee while now so I thought I would record my first impressions.
basically, I am hooked. As a phone it works really well the constant moaning on the web about battery life does not bother me, it lasts all day and that’s good enuff. As a texting device I find it far better, I never liked predictive text, but switch that off and texts were really slow. Now I have a real keyboard, no text- or leet speek just my usual bad english :slight_smile: camera is stunningly good at eight megapixels, well happy. And eight gig of storage is more than enough for my music and vids. Screen is huge, bright,easy to read even for an old gimmer like me. So, all good as a k770 replacement.

But there is so much more! My old phone could browse the web but the screen and keyboard meant I never did. Now I use it much more, I’m typing this on my phone. Once I stopped fighting the phone and started to do things the android way I can appreciate the speed and power. And there’s apps, social networking hooks… :boggle:

The only real downside for me is the gesture control but I’m getting better at that. So far, five mojos out of five :thumbsup:

Tempted to get an android phone…probably an unlocked HTC depending on the cost, what did you get Martin?

I went for the Xperia X10, because I had had my paws on it and knew I could live with it, it has the best camera at 8.1 megapixels, and my previous 'phones have been Sony Ericsson and I’ve had no dramas with them. The HTC and Google phones are also very good, the Sony is quite customised and runs an older version of Android (1.6) whereas the HTC phones use 2.1. Horses for courses really m8 mine’s just exactly what I wanted, but I won’t say its “the best”.

thanks for the info will have a check read a few reviews, cost…etc I have a friend who works at Carphone Warehouse so I’ll see what the prices are next time I go into town.

Just upgraded to the X10 as as well and i’m hooked :drool: a heck of an upgrade from my k850.

With regards to having android 1.6 the update is due in septemberish with some nice features being added.

For me the biggest plus is the utils i can use for work, vnc and remote desktop, means i don’t have to carry a laptop around :slight_smile:

As martin said not the best but not nearly as bad as some wingers on the web make it out to be.

There’s a real-time stream from an X10 doing its whole Timescape thang here. You can even mail or tweet it and watch it update. Quite cool, not frosty, but quite cool.

due for an upgrade next month… looking like a 3-way (leave it!) between the X10, Desire, and iPhone 3GS.

My head’s telling me to avoid the iphone on principle, and the desire seems to edge out over the X10 for me due to the multitouch screen. X10 looks good, does it work well without multitouch ? (also, does it have a FM transmitter built in ? )

Mine is fine for me, I can do all I want without multitouch, AFAIK there’s no FM transmitter in the X10

Oh jeez I’m proper hooked, can’t stop playing with it, wish I had two. The only potential downside has surprised me, with the 'phone (like most Android devices) being so plugged into Facebook et al, I wondered if it would be right for me. But I find that it’s OK, there’s a few things which don’t work well 'cos I’m not on Facebook, but on the other hand now people are starting to complain that they get endless pointless updates on their 'phones and the batteries are going flat, so no biggie… I do find I’m being drawn into the Googlescape though, they are of course the authors and though you are not forced down the Google route, it’s just easier. I now have Google mail, checkout, buzz, picasa, maps, goggles, trousers, baked beans and cute puppies. I guess my open source persona kinda likes the “you can use this one, it’s easier, but you can use another if you really want” method as opposed to “not approved, does not work, unsupported, use ours or die the death of a thousand blue screens”.

Know how you feel about facebo, but the google stuff is so well set up now, log into it and you’ve got you mail, documents, calendar and pictures and it all just works. Been a real boon for me to be able to access all that from any PC without worrying about keeping things synchronised or whatever.

Aye, and man is it quick! Bought an app the other day and rather than transmit my CC details from the phone, decided to setup a google checkout account instead. Set up on PC, almost immediately the 'phone was reloading the page and offering me GC as a payment option. And its quite seamless, was talking to Damski the other day mobile->mobile on Talk, had to log on to the PC version (both ends) and we got a popup straightaway with our talk dialogues in. Quite cool and very impressive.