First time PC builder query???

Got an ATX case to fit the mobo that I was kindly given by Ian and I need a little bit of advice. I’ve worked out where to put the standoffs but I want to clarify that the mobo screws directly on to the standoffs as an earth contact with the case. Is this true?

There were some fibre washers supplied with the new case and I wasn’t sure if they needed to be fitted between the mobo and the standoffs. As with all these things there are no instructions, so I’ve stripped my other spare machine to check, but it’s not clear as it is a different type of board

Any help please?

The fiber washers go top side to protect the board from the screwhead

Underside of board contacts standoffs directly and yes make ground points.

You’re a star. :thumbsup: I’ve just popped the heatsink and fan on the CPU and popped in the ram. Now to mount the board (oooeeerrr!!) :smiley: