Flashing a new firmware for WRT54G - WOW

Just flashed my WRT54G with the Alchemy 7 firmware and bravo! All new functionality, sshd, telnet and several other surely nice features. Also includes a nice increase in setable transmitter strength from 28 milliwats to 251 milliwats! :eek: That was not avaialble in the Linksys releases. Alchemy also allows you to set an WRT54G up as a bridge device, which is what I did with this one for my Vonage VOIP setup. Now I just need to flash my main AP.

These 54 G Access Points are getting so cheap on ebay one might as well eat them up.

Yeah there are alot of firmwares for the wrt, due to the fact that its OS is linux based…i liked hyper-WRT myself, tho i murdered the router in the end :frowning:

Whatever you do, dont pay for alchemy firmware, or the newer talisman, cos they come under the GPL even tho the devs insist they are closed source :wink:

Nope, no payie for GPL stuff for sure! It sure works a treat, I suppose it is like any other overclock, need to make sure it stays cool! :wink:

how did you murder the router?

Had to keep flashing it and flashing it to see which firmware i liked didnt i, should have left well enough alone. Bricked it eventually. :frowning: Was a version 1 aswell with the copious status lights and kinky little mini pci slot for the wifi board.

Mine are version 2 and version 2.2, they are going on eBay for about $35 for new and about $25 for used. With the ability to kick up the transmission strength to 200+ milliwats. It has straightened out all the intermittent problems I was having. I think they are great.

I set the ver 2 one up as a client and it makes a wonderful bridge device with its own DHCP server, gotta love that. Still need to flash the version 2.2 but I expect that will work great as well.

Can you get these feature full firmwares for the WAG54G v2.0 by any chance?

Juggy…only if its f/w is based on linux i think. Recently linksai have produced a ver 5 wrt that doesent use linux hence cant be flashed, but the address this they have also released a WRT54G-L model which retains this functionality (i still find it hard to belive that a company did somthing just to be cool to its customers. Im still trying to figure out where linsais ulterior motive is on this) Anyway thats always a goer if youd like the functionality of a 1000 dollar plus enterprise router in a little blue box :slight_smile:

Cheers for the info MC:thumbsup:

Looks like someone is working on it Juggy

The wrt54G are so damn cheap I would just grab one of them if you need that functionality. I am thinking about gett a backup off Ebay.

Been using Alchemy on my WRT54G for over a year
have to agree its top notch though have to admit not
looked into working out half of it, but some of the stuff
like SNMP has been useful.

Don’t wack the power too high, you’ll prob find a small increase
is more than enough.

Alot of the time its getting the balance for the SNR (Signal to noise ratio)
i.e. turn it to high and you may get signal reflections and a worse signal.

Are they cable routers or adsl routers ?

wireless AP/router with 4 port switch, sits inside your main router.

I see. np