Fleet Checker

Can I turn the damn fleet checker off? I don’t need it loading every time I load a page! It’s what majorly slows down the game on my Atom/linux machine as I have to wait for it to load before I can do anything on a page.

At work it’s fine. No waiting or anything.
Getting to the point where I’m thinking of quitting cos it’s almost like being on dial up at home!

anything in options (top of page) ?

Everything I can is turned off up there.

Just trying it in Firefox, it seems to be an Opera only issue (which would explain why it’s not at work because I use FF there)
Looks like a switch to Firefox will cure it.

unfortunately there isn’t a way to stop it.

I know what you mean, it adds anywhere up to 30 seconds when i’m trying to do something like send a fleet…not good if you need to shift your fleet and res quick!

The new design is a pain when it comes to speed of loading.

Hopefully they will either add options or modify the coding in a patch somewhere along the line to speed things up a little

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Yeah it’s a killer. And a bit of a pain loading up Firefox just to check!