Florida Keys Dive

Just back from the Keys. On the first dive, Frances managed to drop our underwater housing on the boat deck and sheared off one of the rather miserable tiny plastic lugs that hold the lens port on. The underwater flash unit survived but the camera housing is unrepairable (although I will repair it).

No one makes a housing for the Oly C8080 any more so I’m now $2400 poorer but the proud owner of a Canon 400D and Ikelite housing :smiley: Being new kit I went with Ikelite recommendation and set it up in manual at 1/60 varying the aperture to control background intensity with the strobe on TTL. Many shots show some action burr and lack of sharpness, particularly on the fast moving fish fins. Think I’ll bump up the shutter speed one stop next time. Also underwater visibility not too special on some dives with a bit of fogging and some sparklies from flash bounceback.

No killer shots here but maybe too bad for the first trip. Try to do better next time.

Anyway, here’s some linked thumbnails for your perusal.

Spot the Trumpetfish

/me fetches a coffee and enjoys the show :thumbsup:

warm water divers :wink:


hey, if you going to learn its always best to do it in comfort. then get some nasty quarry dives in the UK with dry suits and crap visibility / vertigo, and maybe a thermocline etc, to sharpen the skills.

Hmmm new desktop wallpapers :chuckle:

Nice piccies Balrog :nod:

Thanks peeps. Have to say I’m not fully satisfied with any of them. Never really spotted the balanced frame shot. I’m sure it was there somewhere.

Indeedy, done 4 of those in the last 6 years, that was 4 too many. Chris on the other hand has just come back from some pretty serious wreck diving in Oban which he reckoned was great. - That’s if you want to lug a drysuit twinset and pony. Me, I’ll stick to a 1mm rash suit and 31 deg water ta.

If anyone wants a full res to crop & resize, they are most welcome to PM.

They’re great pics Mr B. :thumbsup: Looks like you had a great time.

I always love your underwater pics, Balrog. As Droid said, looks like you had a great time. I think i’d like to try it myself but I’m afraid sharks would find me tasty.