Flu remedies

Stuck at home with the flu.

Not manflu, just plain ole flu.
Not a cold either.
Temperature, runny nose, sneezing, aching joints, feeling tired.
Started last Friday and is a long slow one to reach maturity:)

Normally I get em and they are over in a day or 2.

My plea is, whats the best flu remedy?

Been pushing up sales of Beechams and Orange juice in Caister, fortunately none of family has it but other people at work are “circulating” it.

Go to bed with a bottle of whiskey and a candle. When you can see two flames, stop drinking, blow out the candle and go to sleep :wink:

Whiskey solves every problem known to man, apart from alchohalism…apart from that 1…its awsome, i recommend Glenmorangie or Jameson’s, £25.99 or around £15-£20 for the Jameson’s :slight_smile:

Grandmas’ orders , crush 2 or 3 cloves ( just crack them don’t turn them into powder) place in a mug with two teaspoons of sugar or honey , add a generous measure of your favorite tipple ( Whisky , Brandy , Bourbon etc seem to work well) topped up with boiling water , leave to infuse , remove cloves , drink whilst still hot.

My own favourite uses lots of JD (only 2 cloves) and brown sugar , a sachet of Beechams stirred in just before drinking.

Should you get thirsty whilst waiting a generous helping of your favourite seems to help as well .

Lemsip & Glenfidich, (at least 25 year old) every four hours.

Won’t kill the virus, but’ll help you feel hella’v’alot better…

I’m a bit biased 'cos I get the ‘four of the best’ flu jab every October, But seriously, Lemsip seems to work well…:nod:

lemsip, honey and brandy … and a big bar of chocolate

Vindaloo or Madras curry. Never known a germ that can fight that lot off!! :smiley:

lemon juice, honey, peppermint, and whiskey mix together and enjoy

Usually phoning work to say “I wont be in for a few days” makes me feel much better.
This remedy does not work if taking self-employment at the same time.

damn right!:smiley:


your mouth and arse will hurt too much too worry about the other symptoms.

Lemsip, sweating and Orange juice.

Saving the whiskey when Im better.:slight_smile:

Ta for the curry suggestion too, but that a Friday night meal:)