Folding guide suggestions/comments/corrections

I figured it would be a good idea to start a thread for suggestions, comments, and corrections to the folding guide I have been working on for TPR. This will avoid cluttering the guides thread and allow for discussion. Cheers!

Excellent work on the folding guide sticky fenix25 :thumbsup:


many thanks on the work on what is becoming a most excellent resource :thumbsup:


If someone would like to write a page for installing the linux client (or the mac client for that matter) please do so. I am somewhat of a linux newb. I got my linux box to fold ok, but I wouldn’t wan’t to write a guide on the subject :slight_smile:

The focus should mostly be on setting up the folders and setting the permissions etc… for the actual configuration you can copy and paste what I have for the windows client or just refer to it.

Thanks for any help on this topic… the next two pages will be ready by Monday. Cheers!

AFAIK Linux is only a console client just like the windows version and it’s as simple as that…

except setting the startup script…unless you use Ubuntu…

Still… somthing should be said… would make the guide more complete.

Index post needs updating…

Yeah… I sent a PM to Curly