Folding@home Report, 15.01.2002

[u]Folding@home weekly Report[/u]

Team Status

as of approximately 13:00 15/01/2002, all production count in points unless otherwise indicated.

Points/work units: 1627/929 (last week: 1418/805)
Team Rank: 53 (last week: 52, +1)
Weekly Production: 259 (last week: 350, -91)
Peer Production*: 181.5 (last week: 203.38, -21.88)
Active CPU’s: 10 (last week: 16, -6)

An interesting week as far as stats are concerned - our output has dropped to a more realistic level for our numbers, which has now resulted in the side effect of us dropping back from the 50th position that we were in shortly after last week’s edition. eInsurance have passed us as anticipated now, contributing another -1 to our position in the table. Their output seems curtailed this week too however. All in all, this was our first ‘average’ week since we started Folding considered by end of week stats. Please be informed that there will be an Inquisition within the next few days ;).

There is still only one team in our immediate range outproducing us, eInsurance but we’re also a lot closer to the rest now. There are however two teams behind us that register some concern. These would be ‘Team Virtual Hideout’ in position 58 who produced 382 points last week, and and ‘Narmir’ in position 60 who produced 648 last week. The latter have 35 members however so I think we’re stuffed there ;). TVH, 19 members I think we can repel however, provided each of us on TPR can sort out our respective client problems.

TPR Producers
Last 7 days (in points)

N2OCapri 111 (-8)
TPR Mojo 76 (+/-0)
Wynotiel 46 (-40)
Andyu 12 (-32)
alexbalmer 14 (-11)


No ‘official’ milestones though the team has broken 1500 points. Next week there’s a likelyhood we’ll break 1000 w/u’s.

Congratulations to top 500 user (493) N20Capri :).


No movement that’s not been mentioned.


Letters to the editor :slight_smile:

Folding work units are of varying size, so they are assigned a points value approximately equivalent to the amount of processing required. Typically the largest work unit is worth 2 points.

*Peer production - mean production of teams within a range of 4 active teams on either side of ourselves. I think it gives an idea of how we’re doing relative to others in our region of the chart.

thanks for that m8.

Do I get a brownie point for consistant output?

Originally posted by TPR_Mojo
[B]thanks for that m8.

Do I get a brownie point for consistant output? [/B]

You certainly do ;).

I honestly don’t know what happened to cause my w/u total to drop, i’ve been playing fewer games as well with exams this week so it’s not that either :confused:. P3’s though seem to be at a great disadvantage from my impressions which doesn’t make it any easier.

N2O’s been moving his systems to the console client so I’d assume that’s the cause of his slight drop in output and Andyu is Gnoming again. Leaves Wynotiel unaccounted for - hope there’s no problems :).

Nice report :slight_smile:

I have been moving some machines onto the console but moved them back again lol hence why my output sorta dropped, plus the machine that wouldn’t run the client wont run the console version either now :(. So I’m about to reformat it and try again :slight_smile:

WE will get TPR into the top 50 soon though, even if I have to spend some more dosh :slight_smile:

Mojo promised us another cpu aswell after doing StevieBoys prize ???

Tomorrow dood - 5 SETI wus to go.

Just reformatted this other machine but it still wont run F@H so I’ve given up and put Genome onto it :frowning:

No idea why it wouldn’t run F@H tho…

Originally posted by N2OCapri
[B]Just reformatted this other machine but it still wont run F@H so I’ve given up and put Genome onto it :frowning:

No idea why it wouldn’t run F@H tho… [/B]

How overclocked is this machine? It’s possible if you’re running the limits closely G@H tolerates it (or doesn’t push hard enough) whereas F@H it may be over the edge. That’s sheer speculation though ;).

Not overclocked at all, it’s a 1.2 T Bird on a PC Chips mobo…

I have another 850 T Bird on a PC chips mobo that runs F@H just fine. Plus there is nothing else on this machine except windows and F@H ( plus drivers of course ) but every time I try to run the “normal” client I get illegal op and the console just wont connect to stanford anymore.

Must admit I’m baffled by it especially as genome runs just fine…

Only thing I can think of is a conflict between F@H and a SIS driver but that sorta stuff starts going over my head :frowning:

I don’t think its SIS.

I have one T-bird here on an Abit KT7A (Via chipset) which stolidly refuses to run folding. It just hangs if I leave it running.

I tried declocking, swapping ram, reducing memory timings, you name it, still locked up.

Runs SETI, Genome and demanding 3D applications like a charm no problems at all.

O/S is Win98SE, processor is a 1.2 T’Bird running at 1.4, 128 meg crucial RAM.

I gave up and put it back on SETI - not a shave of a problem since.


well the only similarities are the OS ( 98SE ) and a 1.2 T Bird. I know it’s not the OS at fault I run all my machines on SE so maybe the 1.2 T Birds don’t like F@H ??? unlikely though IMHO :confused: