Folding@Home Report 19.02.2002

[u]Folding@home weekly Report[/u]

Team Status

As of approximately 16:30 19/02/2002, all production count in points unless otherwise indicated, comparative figures since the last edition.

Points/work units: 3137/2113 (+293/+277, statsman week +293pt)
Team Rank: 45 (+1)
Active members: 8 (+2)
Active CPU’s in last week: 22 (+14 …! )
+4 Teams, mean production: 283.75 (+51.75)
-4 Teams, mean production: 119.25(-70.75) 2 Threats on long range

Now Updated. I’m delighted to see more Folding members these last 2 weeks, makes it the team effort these projects are about from our perspective, and I’d like to Welcome MAOJC to the team :). Overall as can be seen above and in other recent threads, there have been a lot of <1 point value work units this week. It seems that some huge 3 point work units are in the offing however according to some newsgroup threads.

Just a quick position analysis, we’re holding steady, but long range shows the aforementioned CWC Flooding@home on increased output to 347 (+75, still on 8 active members), and computers4acure also longer range but still outproducing us marginally at +317pt in the last statsman week with 19 active members, an impressive 95% of their total.

In terms of Stomp targets, Chaperone-r-us (3469pt, +188 on 14 members) are a few weeks away but within our grasp assuming we can maintain current output. Interestingly, Narmir, who passed us quite convincingly 4/5 weeks ago with 500+ weekly production levels put out only 236 in the last week. They lie on 3570points with 20 active members. Team Virtual Hideout (2987 total +362pt (down 30) in the last 7 days, 12 active members) who passed us 1.5 weeks ago may not have got away with it yet…

Folding 2 news page : Folding 2 Yahoo newsgroup

As brought to our attention by N20Capri the 2.19 client has been released. It’s a simple snap in from the point of view of the folder (overwrite the old console exe with the new file) and can be found here - Recommended that you do upgrade (should you decide to) at the first part of the work unit as I understand it wipes any existing work units on your system. Only visual change I can pick up on is it timestamps events now. Foldmonitor is still compatible.

TPR Producers
Last 7 days

N2OCapri… 100 (+25)
MAOJC… 52 (+52) (not a full week)
TPR_Mojo… 37 (-39)
alexbalmer… 32 (+1)
Wynotiel… 32 (+3)
Mincer… 21 (+X)
TPR_Mulda… 11 (+1)


I do not believe we have any official milestones, though this week saw us collectively break 3000points.


Any suggestions for statistics to include I’d be very happy to hear. Just remember that most figures i’m working out by hand, based on Statsman data so nothing too complicated ;).

Letters to the editor :slight_smile:
[li]Folding work units are of varying size, so they are assigned a points value approximately equivalent to the amount of processing required. Typically the largest work units are worth 2 points but can and do vary.

Great report,
The active CPUs should drop off as I did try a 4 way big cache Xeon on folding with disapointing results. When the Stompinator comes on line I may dedicate part of the output to Folding. The Durons @ 1120Mhz seem to have pretty acceptable performance. At least as fast as the P4-1700.

Currently running
2 XP1800+ FSB 138 one with SDRAM, one with DDR (no difference in times???)
1 P4 1700
1 Duron 1000Mhz FSB 112

Nice report Alex :slight_smile:

I think both me & N2O have both got these 3 point “Monstah” units ATM :eek:

Originally posted by Mulda
[B]Nice report Alex :slight_smile:

I think both me & N2O have both got these 3 point “Monstah” units ATM :eek: [/B]

Had a few and read a few reports of peeps ditching them for Hairpins as the points to time ratio suck on these biggies. Me personnally can’t be bothered to screen all my machines for them, nor would I want to, crunch what I get and hope it helps the cause.
My weekly output should be upto about 190-180 depending on how many of these monster proteins are floating about, so we should be safe from threats and close up on a few targets :slight_smile:
It is great though to have more members in out lill F@H community :slight_smile:

Current Team listings:
Rank, Active Members, Team Name, Points Total, Production (last 7 days)

41..12.. Team BeOS .............3722.. +349
42..20.. Narmir ................3570.. +236
43..14.. Chaperone-R-US! .......3469.. +188
44..12.. Team Virtual Hideout ..3349.. +362
45.. 8.. Phoenix Rising ........3137.. +293
51.. 8.. CWC FLOODING@home .....2717.. +347
56..19.. computers4acure .......2355.. +317

I’ll include this next week. Opinions on the fruity colour scheme? :).

I don’t know of a way to monospace without the horizontal rules’ in vbulletin but I hope for now it will do.

all looks good to me :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Mulda
[B]Nice report Alex :slight_smile:

I think both me & N2O have both got these 3 point “Monstah” units ATM :eek: [/B]

What is the name of that protien?

Originally posted by MAOJC

What is the name of that protien? [/B]

The 1 I have is called “proteinAnat” and is lloking like taking around 16hrs on an XP @ 1640 MHz :eek:

I hope my Celeron doesn’t get one of these :slight_smile:

I’d really like to find out their project number?