Folding@Home Report 22/01/2002

[u]Folding@home weekly Report[/u]

Team Status

Sorry it’s late :slight_smile:

As of approximately 22:30 22/01/2002, all production count in points unless otherwise indicated.

Points/work units: 1976/1149 (last week: 1627/929)
Team Rank: 47 (last week: 52, +5)
Weekly Production: 337 (last week: 259, +78)
Active members: 6
Active CPU’s: 14 (last week: 10, +4)
+4 Teams (avg. production - our stomp list) : 138.5
-4 Teams (avg. - stomp detection list) : 366.5

We’ve broken the top 50 for good this week I believe, and in the process we’re just ahead of eInsurance (11 active users) by 15 points - looks to be a very close matchup :). As I mentioned last week, Team Virtual Hiudeout and Narmir are gaining. TVH (13 active members, 397 last week) we can conceivably fend off but Narmir have 33 producers and are 229 points up on us over the last 7 days (with 556 total), so without a large scale shift in focus they’ll have to slip by…for now… If anyone wanted to know how well we’re doing individually, this I think describes it :).

I’ve made a small change to the ‘peer production’ figures, seperating it into +/- 4 teams from our position (4, because that’s what statsman graphs display on our team page). The red figure above reflects the fact we’re in a stomp danger zone as I mentioned in the paragraph above… so I suppose i’ll have to give the 3D gameys a break for a while ;). This however isn’t likely to be heavily reflected in our relative position next week as the green number means we’re outproducing the 4 teams immediately ahead, by near 2.5 times.

I’ll take this opportunity to welcome Monkeymia back to the producer list and to congratulate PMM on making the Right Choice ™ for joining in too :).

TPR Producers
Last 7 days

N2OCapri 153 (+42)
TPR Mojo 108 (+32)
Wynotiel 33 (-16)
alexbalmer 27 (+13)
Monkeymia 13 (not a full week)
PMM 3 (not a full week)


No ‘official’ milestones though the team has nearly broken 2000 points, and I authorise a premptive pat on the back.

Congratulations to new top 500 Folding user Mojo who is now positioned at 446 :).


Letters to the editor :slight_smile:

Folding work units are of varying size, so they are assigned a points value approximately equivalent to the amount of processing required. Typically the largest work unit is worth 2 points.

Nice report mate, ohhh and a mention for little old me at the bottom of the pile :slight_smile:

Had a few probs this week with the folding but think it’s sorted now, got so many bits lying around here at moment don’t know what rigs doing what.

Hoping to do about 10 wu’s a month to reach my goal of 100 for the year so don’t expect any great output from me, but all helps the cause :slight_smile:

Nice report :slight_smile:

I hear 2.17 beta is about but I can’t seem to find it anywhere :confused:

edit* found it