Folding@Home Report 9/01/2002

[u]Folding@home weekly Report[/u]

Team Status

as of approximately 12:00 08/01/2002, all production count in points unless otherwise indicated.

These figures are still for 7 days. Apologies for being a day later than ususal, back to Tuesdays from next week, though it’ll be an afternoon edition unfortunately. After that though…back to normal ;).

Points/work units: 1418/805 (last week: 1010/562)
Team Rank: 53 (last week: 58, +5)
Weekly Production: 350 (last week: 459, -109)
Peer Production*: 203.38 (last week: 112.33, +92)
Active CPU’s: 16 (last week: 16, +/- 0)

Now andyu has re-refocussed his major efforts from last week on Gnoming our output seems to have stabilised modestly lower - regardless we’re still producing quite a few :). Our meteoric rise from last week has slowed, but the larger reason for this is much stiffer resistance. One team (eInsurance) in the +/- 4 team range outproduced us last week by 70 points. I’ll be monitoring them but at present they seem to be poised to overtake us in the region of the 16th this month. Their team page at Statsman is here. Their output seems consistently high relative to ourselves unfortunately, but time will tell.

TPR Producers
Last 7 days (in points)

N2OCapri 119 (+12)
Wynotiel 86 (+4)
TPR Mojo 76 (-11)
Andyu 44 171 (-127)
alexbalmer 25 (+13)


A few of us will be passing 250 points in the next couple of days - second time for andyu ;). A team milestone should be passed in the next couple of days - top 50 :).


I’m probably just a little premature but I dare say our new team leader is N20Capri (presently on 330) who should push Mojo into a ‘dismal’ second place (on 331) today, though with the stats lag it may have already happened :).


Letters to the editor :slight_smile:

Folding work units are of varying size, so they are assigned a points value approximately equivalent to the amount of processing required. Typically the largest work unit is worth 2 points.

*Peer production - mean production of teams within a range of 4 active teams on either side of ourselves. I think it gives an idea of how we’re doing relative to others in our region of the chart.

Nice, just doing my accounts 2000/2001 that have gotta be in by the end of January lol. Made a nice read inbetween me cussing at my screen :slight_smile:

On a F@H note, I’ll be adding another 1.2 T Bird in a few days that should do about 40 points a week and if eininsurance get tooooooo close I’ll pull my last remaining Seti machine off and put it onto F@H :slight_smile:

Not getting stomped before we are safely into the top 50 :slight_smile:

Will be readding another machine when I’ve crunched Stevieboy’s pimping reward.

Let’s not be too downhearted - a T50 place or thereabouts given the size of the team is fantastic!

A good read again sir, thanks!

O and early congrats to N20 on first place - well done m8 !

I aint there yet m8y :slight_smile:

you’ll still holding me at bay by 3 points :slight_smile:

Go for it

my second too :slight_smile:

albeit under another name

as for ei, well considering they have more crunchers, we are doing exceptionally well :slight_smile: pat on backs all round

With luck when my new old hub arrives i’ll be able to get a 1GHz P3 running again, though that depends on…other factors really.

We’re actually doing exceptionally well in everything to have top 100 teams in 3 projects with only a few over 100 members as is. We’re not your average part time crunchers ;).

Well we should hit the top 50 today or tomorrow, should coincide with me overtaking Mojo, not that I get any joy from Le Stomp, never have done but atleast it’ll correspond with something good :slight_smile:

Einsurance seem to have dropped off my screen for some reason :confused:

Their output for the last 24 hours is 65 over our 48.

We have moved up one position to 52, so they’re 5 places distant. If we assume they approach at ~15 per day they are on 1379 while we are on 1460 so it could be 5 days or so.

Originally posted by N2OCapri
[B]I aint there yet m8y :slight_smile:

you’ll still holding me at bay by 3 points :slight_smile:

Go for it [/B]

Not any more. Well done m8 :slight_smile:

just received the guts to this 1.2 system so will have that running later, that might keep them at bay for a tad longer :slight_smile:

and thanks Mojo but I know it’s only coz you’re torn between projects that I’ve slipped past you :slight_smile: