Folding @ Home Stats 20 May 2018

Stats updated 05-20-18 0500 UTC

Number 1,128 in a very occasional series. :grin:

TPR is ranked 151st. We have moved up one since the last update. :tada: Our next move (up) will be in 2.6 days when we stomp team Estonia. Congrats to Andrewbaggins for reaching the 3,000,000 point milestone! :tada: :tada:

Our current overall points are 1,150,806,510 and the overall work units done are 418,401.

Yesterday’s total was 2,759,958 points from 3 active crunchers.

New Users


   UserName          24hr Avg          Total
1. kamiles           1,526,645      690,314,834
2. Fadamor           1,013,527      274,247,159
3. Andrewbaggins        16,435        3,010,769



Congrats on the stomp Folders :+1: