Folding @ Home Stats 21 December 2018

Stats updated 12-21-18 0400 UTC

Number 1,160 in a very occasional series.

TPR is ranked 133rd. We have moved up two since the last update. Our next move (up) will be in 22.5 hours when we stomp team KitGuruFolders .

Our current overall points are 1,619,281,472 and the overall work units done are 425,908.

Yesterday’s total was 2,957,645 points from two active crunchers.

New Members


   User Name          24hr Avg         Total
1. kamiles           1,568,218      870,092,457
2. Fadamor           1,014,929      490,065,591

thanks Fadamor - I manage to find and resent the draft post - it worked fine, so you should have had a forced cookie refresh from the forum software.

Let me know if the trouble continues.