Folding @ Home Stats 25 April 2018

Stats updated 04-25-18 0500 UTC

Number 1,113 in a very occasional series. :grin:

TPR is ranked 157th. We have moved up one since the last update. Our next move (up) will be in 2 days. :tada:

Our current overall points are 1,089,059,362 and the overall work units done are 417,191.

Yesterday’s total was 2,836,810 points from 4 active crunchers.

New Users


   UserName          24hr Avg          Total
1. kamiles           1,743,709      649,128,780
2. Fadamor             578,516      254,879,531
3. Double Top           76,405       26,411,838
4. Andrewbaggins         5,592        2,773,664

Excellent, we’ve moved up one and one more stomp coming in a couple of days. Superb

We’ll be stomping a total of five other groups in the next three weeks or so. We’re not due to be stomped by anyone for another 7.5 months. We could hold them off longer if we had more crunchers (hint hint) :muscle: