Folding @ Home Stats 28 May 2018

Stats updated 05-28-18 0500 UTC

Number 1,132 in a very occasional series. :grin:

TPR is ranked 149th. We have not moved since the last update. Our next move (up) will be in 2.6 weeks when we stomp team Ham Radio Operators.

Our current overall points are 1,168,318,980 and the overall work units done are 418,643.

Yesterday’s total was 1,417,228 points from 3 active crunchers. (Kamiles appears to have suffered a casualty in his crunching rig(s).)

New Users


   User Name          24hr Avg         Total
1. kamiles           1,144,962      699,953,514
2. Fadamor             920,734      281,784,513
3. Andrewbaggins        38,377        3,347,205

heat has caused a casualty here for me as well - well a temporary lay off as just too warm at the moment to think about leaving the machines on !

Won’t be for long though, traditional English summer that last maybe two weeks :smiley:

I ended up going with a liquid-cooled rig for the CPU and one of the two graphic cards, because my mobo didn’t have any spacing between the first card and the second for air cooling. The liquid-cooled GPU runs about 20 degrees Centigrade cooler than the air-cooled one. Right now:

Liquid-cooled:  38c
Air-cooled:     63c
Cooling Liquid: 34c

The cooling liquid runs through a three-fan heat exchanger so the air coming out of the exchanger (and entering the room) is probably right around 34c as well.