Folding @ Home Stats 30 May 2018

Stats updated 05-30-18 0500 UTC

Number 1,133 in a very occasional series. :grin:

TPR is ranked 149th. We have not moved since the last update. Our next move (up) will be in 3.2 weeks when we stomp team Ham Radio Operators.

Our current overall points are 1,170,132,056 and the overall work units done are 418,677. Congratulations to Kamiles for reaching the 700 million milestone before his crunching terminated! :tada: We will miss your contribution. :cry:

Yesterday’s total was 1,027,460 points from 2 active crunchers.

New Users


   User Name          24hr Avg         Total
1. Fadamor             895,158      283,460,505
2. Andrewbaggins        26,606        3,367,282