Folding @ Home Stats 31 May 2018

Stats updated 05-31-18 0500 UTC

Number 1,134 in a very occasional series. :grin:

TPR is ranked 149th. We have not moved since the last update. Our next move (down) will be in 2.4 weeks when we are stomped by team IgpOnTheMove. :cry:

Our current overall points are 1,170,963,426 and the overall work units done are 418,692. Kamiles really was the one carrying our progress.

Yesterday’s total was 831,370 points from 2 active crunchers.

New Users


   User Name          24hr Avg         Total
1. Fadamor             877,098      284,209,379
2. Andrewbaggins        30,508        3,449,778