Folding @ Home Stats 6 May 2018

Stats updated 05-06-18 0500 UTC

Number 1,117 in a very occasional series. :grin:

TPR is ranked 154th. We have moved up one since the last update. :tada: Our next move (up) will be in 1.6 days when we stomp team IgpOnTheMove.

Our current overall points are 1,116,328,834 and the overall work units done are 417,841.

Yesterday’s total was 2,306,015 points from 4 active crunchers.

New Users


   UserName          24hr Avg          Total
1. kamiles           1,837,137      669,074,511
2. Fadamor             587,669      261,254,281
3. Double Top           82,590       27,281,136
4. Andrewbaggins         6,521        2,853,357

So now I need to do some adjustments to machines - I’ve sold the rig that’s running F@H and one other dormant machine. Might be enough pennies to drop another “newer” card in a machine somewhere to run with a little more power!

If you go with an nVidia card, keep in mind there’s a problem with the absolute latest drivers (397.31) that stops the GPU from folding. I rolled my drivers back to the previous one I had (391.24) and it resumed working.